Caltex Bio Garden

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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  • 0829328864


  • GPS Co-ordinates: 32°67’91”S  26°08’68”E 

    The Duke of Bedford Inn 

    Crn Donkin Street and Hope Street Bedford

Tourist Attractions Offered

  • Open Gardens

About Caltex Bio Garden

At Homeground (Duke of Bedford Inn courtyard) you can stroll around the Caltex Bio Garden and experience the bounty of a 6x10m urban food-farm where we try out ideas and share info.

Understand ways to have more fun and save on time, energy and cash. Giggle at quirky bird and bug houses. See how love transformed a water-tank and compost box.

Grow enough to share while you connect with Mother Earth and let your imagination loose on biodynamic design, vertical harvests, hügelkultur, burrow composting, moon cycles, beneficial microbes, natural pest control, water wisdom etc.

The Caltex Bio Garden will be lit up to celebrate sundown (until 20h00) every evening of the Festival including Sunday night.

Garden goodies, plants, worksheets and info posters etc for sale