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  • Longitude: 26.07091
  • Latitude: -32.415128
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About Eildon Farm


MOUNTAIN ROUTE  Barrie & Alex Pringle (046 685 0706) Entry: R20 
Formal design underpins all the decisions Barrie makes in her garden which consists of six distinct ‘rooms’ mostly constructed on a strong axis with entrance, focal point and balanced quadrants. Balance is an ideal for Barrie - she says ‘Both hands full of flowers and lots of grandchildren running about.’ In each of her garden ‘rooms’, the choice of plants and colours is limited and disciplined to create powerful effects in keeping with the dominating and strongly symmetrical presence of the gabled white house.  Barrie uses masses of white Iceberg roses to create a visual bond between house and garden. The ‘rooms’ include the main entrance area in front of the house, the sunken rose garden, the pool ‘room’, the park area, a shade garden and the formal orangerie where the ancient dry stone wall has been extended right round the area.  Grand timber gates lead the eye out of the orangerie and off into the wild expanses of mountain and veld beyond. 
The garden was featured in Garden & Home magazine this year.
1820 Scottish Settler  Memorial Church, Thomas Pringle grave.
Lunch: Ploughman’s Platters, wine.  Proceeds to  Bedford Care Group.  

There is an 1820 Scottish Settler Memorial Church to visit and Thomas Pringle's grave.

Lunch will be served on Friday , Saturday and Sunday.

Lunch is a Ploughman’s Platter.  

Entry fee R20: Proceeds to Charity

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