Glen Lynden Churches

Last Updated: July 2017

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  • Longitude: 25.995425
  • Latitude: -32.534959
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About Glen Lynden Churches

The Glen Lynden Churches are located in the Baviaans River valley north of Bedford.

The old church was built in 1828. The plaque reads "This church was built in 1828 by the government through the influence of Thomas Pringle for the Scottish Settlers and their Dutch neighbours. It became a Dutch Reformed church in 1829."

The large church is still in use today.

The Plaque of the National Monuments Council reads : "This church was completed in 1873 and inaugurated in 1874 during the incumbency of the reverend Georg Wilhelm Stegman, a resident of Adelaide, third minister of the Glen Lynden Parish from 1859 to 1890. The building was put at the disposal of the Dutch Reformend Church of Africa in 1964."

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