Glen Ross Farm

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Last Updated: September 2019

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  • Longitude: 25.950037
  • Latitude: -32.449698
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About Glen Ross Farm


Glen Ross is home to Danél & Andre Moolman and is surrounded by a dramatic mountainous landscape. You will come across this gem if you travel into the Seekoei Valley along the winding mountain route. Danél has created an informal family garden on the edge of a river with the mountains as her backdrop. It is here where the ducks, bantams and kids can roam freely and play in a tranquil, family-friendly space. Danél is a creative spirit. She enjoys making frequent changes to the garden – often re-routing pathways, re-arranging plants and always looking to add exciting new features to her garden. She is passionate about tending to her over-350 roses that feature prominently throughout. One constant and dominant feature in this garden is the majestic Pinus Himalayas tree that was planted here in the 1920’s. It is a must-see as it dwarfs the house and produces cones as large as 20cm. The Moolman’s have managed to take their homestead 100% off the grid and use only solar and wind power. A visit here will provide an opportunity to show your kids the “donkey” hot water system that is used to supply the house with warm water without needing electricity. Come & experience warm hospitality as you wander through this little piece of paradise!

 Refreshments are available and there are plants for sale.

Semi- wheelchair friendly


Picnic area available

Entry : R20pp

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