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Last Updated: June 2017

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  • Reserves & Conservation
  • Nursery

About Kim's Green Gardens

Kim's Green Gardens for sustainable environmental solutions.

We offer plant search and rescue services as well as plant propagating and holding facilities, Alien Vegetation control, monitoring and management planning, hydro-seeding, rehabilitation, and reseeding options as well as our eco design aspects, edible gardening workshops and indigenous plant nursery.

Kim’s Green Gardens is represented by Kim van Niekerk and Nadine Dixie, each holding a 50% share in the cc. We have been involved with plant matters for over 30 years in this area and further afield and believe we have a wealth of local knowledge and experience to bring to the table.

The business is totally woman owned and aims to employ only local labour and impart skills that are life lasting.

Kim’s Green Gardens company has been involved over the last 4 years with the plant search and rescue work ahead of major construction works on the windfarms in the Eastern Cape area.

Kim’s Green Gardens has a permit to house, propagate and sell local indigenous plants from these projects.

Kims Green Gardens has also been integrally iinvolved in the eradication and control of the Alien Vegetation on the Nojoli windfarm, this has been done using specialized people and machinery when necessary.

KGG was also involved in reseeding and rehabilitation of veld on the Amakhala and Nojoli windfarms.

Kim’s Green Gardens now offer the following services to construction firms: Plant research, soil rehabilitation and erosion control, alien plant control and eradication, monitoring services, mentor and training services, plant skills training, hydroseeding, eco-workshops and consultancy services.

Kim constructed and planted a recent garden designed by Franchesca Watson, a well-known South African designer. The client is Tara Forster. All current staff were involved in the entire installation of this garden. Edible gardening workshops and training.