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About Pam Golding Bedford

Often referred to as the ‘hidden treasure’ of the Eastern Cape, Bedford is a quaint village that offers a pleasant reprieve from the hustle and bustle of South Africa’s cities such as East London and Port Elizabeth.

Situated near the foot of Kaga Mountain, Bedford combines with its neighbouring village of Adelaide to form the Nxuba Municipality.

The town has a distinct historical atmosphere and Bedford real estate is typically full of character. Many of the buildings are old, but well maintained, and are excellent examples of colonial-style settler homes.

With its tree-lined streets and wide open spaces, Bedford has a slow pace and offers a stress-free lifestyle.

Pam Golding Properties has been privy to the charm of Bedford real estate and we offer a selection of residential, commercial and farm properties.

A Bedford house is affordable in comparison to similar size properties available elsewhere in South Africa, cosmopolitan areas in particular.

Furthermore, because the village is relatively sparsely populated, Bedford property is spaced out, giving residents a sense of seclusion and privacy.