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Itinerary 2: Albertvale and the edible gardens - 2018

Situated an easy 10km from town, Albertvale farm garden is a sprawling green woodland haven for edible, aromatic and medicinal plants and earth-friendly gardening practice. 

Travel back to Bedford and pop in at Homeground (Duke of Bedford Inn) to visit the Atlantic Chef’s Garden This decorative feature in the hotel courtyard supplies fresh greens and garnishes to the hotel kitchens. 

Donkerhoek (in the Cowie Valley) is another mustn’t-miss for all interested in growing food gracefully. Almost self-sufficient, the poultry yard, chicken tractor and small cow-shed provide compost boosters as well as milk and protein for staff and homestead. All benefit from the bounteous harvest from large veg beds where plants are allowed to go past maturity so seed can be collected for the next season.

Back in town, visit the Township Garden Route where all participants are encouraged to grow vegetables as well as the flowers they love.

ALBERTVALE Kim & Ian van Niekerk 082 557 7178 Entry: R20

CHEF’s Garden Catherine Knox 082 932 8864 @ the Duke Entry: Free

BIO GARDEN Catherine Knox 082 932 8864 @ The Duke Entry: Free

DONKERHOEK Barbara & Michael Church 083 354 8841 Entry: R20

TOWNSHIP GARDENS Dr Lana Blom 046 685   Entry: Suggested R5 per garden

  • More InfoUpdated: 1 month ago
    This extensive new garden reflects the ethos of the Eagle Hout/Thembani Integrated Projects.
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    • 0827755178
  • More InfoUpdated: August 2017
    At Homeground, the courtyard of the Duke of Bedford Inn, you will find the Atlantic Chef's Garden. Six large raised beds which celebrate the beauty of edible plants grown in rich compost, enjoying full sun, rainwater and maximum...
    • Open Gardens
    • 0785119689
    • 0829328864
  • More InfoGarden Festival OnlyUpdated: August 2017
    A feast of vegetables in old-fashioned beds spill down the hillside into the courtyard of this restored historic house
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  • More InfoGarden Festival OnlyUpdated: 1 month ago
    ‘We enjoy sharing our kitchen garden and extensive English-cottage-style garden with all visitors,’ says Kim van Niekerk. ‘The beds include many traditional favourites grown by our grandmothers.’ There is an abundance of...
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