Bedford Activities

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    Bedford is proud of their 9-hole GOLF COURSE with its panoramic views. Visitors are welcome to join locals for a round on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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      There is an abundance of birdlife in the Bedford district: our current bird list stands at 257. Please let us know if you can add to this! NOTE: Where a bird name has changed, the older name (or part of it) appears in brackets...
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      a list of trees that can be found in the Bedford Area. The list was compiled by George van der Watt, Bedford’s leading tree man.
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        The privately owned Mill Cricket Ground on Spring Grove farm was opened in 1998 and has been the scene of many a notable contest.
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        BOWLERS meet and play every Wednesday and Saturday at the greens (Bedford Club) and visitors are welcome to join in the fun and linger over sundowners at the pub afterwards.
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          Nestled in the heart of a historic family farm close to the quaint village of Bedford, Request Farm Cottage offers an idyllic secluded experience. This is a base for some excellent MTB routes.
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          Tennis players meet and play twice a week at the Bedford Tennis Courts.
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